Fasting Ramadan Is Obligatory

1. Anyone with eagerness to try to to smart, be higher for him.

Due to the on top of virtues, God obliges the Muslims (to worship) of Ramadan fasting, as a result of fasting set soul of syahwatnya and deter from what's commonly done. (Fasting Ramadan), together with the foremost troublesome case, as a result of it's his duty notwithstanding postponed till the second year of Hijrah, when the hearts of the Muslims in bertauhid durable and in glorifying symbols-symbols of Allah, then Allah guide them to try to to the quick with gradual.

At first they're given the choice of breaking or quicking and are inspired to fast, as a result of fasting continues to be onerous for the Companions, could Allah be happy with them all-. Anyone who desires to interrupt and then a ransom is allowed, Allah says (which means): "Anyone who will smart compliance, then it's higher for him" [al-Baqarah: 184].

2. Whoever obtaining the Month of Ramadan, fasting ought to be

Then descended, that abolished the continuation of the verse on top of the law, this dikhabarkan by 2 noble companions: Abdullah ibn Umar and Salama bin Al-Akwa 'radi anhuma, they said: "Then removed by the verse:
(Which means): "(Some of the appointed day it is) the month of Ramadan, the month during which reduced (beginning) of the Qur'an as a steering for mankind and explanations of the directions and therefore the distinction (between the proper and a false ). Therefore, whoever among you is gift (in a rustic where he lives) in that month, then let him quick the month, and whoever sick or traveling (and he's breaking), they must, abundant because the day he left behind, on different days. God wishes ease for you, and don't need hardship for you. And be ye bilangannya moderation, and be ye glorify God for His steering given to you, that ye is also grateful "[1] [Al-Baqarah: 185]

And from Ibn Abi Laila, she said: "Companions of Muhammad sallallaahu 'alaihi wa sallam, has told us:' When it comes down the obligation of fasting Ramadan was against them (the Companions), then whoever isn't able to be allowed to depart the fasting and feeding the poor as a relief for them, then the law was abolished by the verse: "Fasting is good for you labih", finally they were told to quick ". [Also narrated by Abu Al-Nuaim in Mustakhraj as in Taghliqut Ta'liq 3 / 185 of a third path with a hasan chain of transmission as well].

Since it's become one among the deposits of Islamic fasting and became one among the pillars of religion based mostly on the words of the Prophet sallallaahu 'alaihi wa sallam.
(Which means): "Islam is made upon 5 matters: Creed an la ilaha illallah wa anna Muhamamad messenger of God, establish prayer, offer charity and pilgrimage to the Baitul Haram further because the fasting of Ramadan" [Narrated by Bukhari 1 / forty seven, Muslim 16 of Ibn Umar ]

[1] Hadith of Ibn Umar issued by Bukhari 4 / 188, and is narrated from Salamah issued by Bukhari 8 / 181, Muslim 1145. Narrated by Bukhari in mu'allaq (8 / 181-Fath), dimausulkan by Bayhaqi in Sunan 4 / 200, sanadnya Hasan.
Narrated by well-lafadz almost identical but the length-by Abu Dawud no. 507 of recourse with isnaad Hasan as syawahid.