Zakat Fitrah

Every Muslim is obliged to pay tithes for themselves and family members of persons, in sha \ '(+ - 3 kg) of food, which is usually accepted in the region. Zakat is obligatory for him leftovers for herself and her family during the day and night to have. Zakat is preferred and not as something better for the poor.

Among the arguments for regular Tenth word Allah Ta \ 'wings, meaning \ "very successful self-cleaning (with faith), and retained the name of the Lord, he prayed \" (Surat Al-A \' la, 14 - 15)

Sahih Hadith narrated by Ibn Abbas radhiAllohu \ tells 'anhu, said: \ "Rasululloh shallAllohu \' alayhi wa sallam tenth absolutely free and slave, husband and wife, children and adults from the Muslims, he ordered (the fituah Zakat) can be replaced by the. People pray \ 'id (left) \ "(Narrated by Bukhari \' alayhi)

The expenditure of time is the most important thing, praying for the id \ ', also run a day or two ago and can not mengeluaran mengakhirkan after the tenth day of Raya. Ibn Abbas radhiAllohu \ 'Anhumas: Rasululloh shallAllohu \' alayhi wa sallam obligatory zakat penyuci fihrah as the person feeding the vanity fast and angry words, and as the poor.

". The fact that the first prayer \ 'Id, you will receive the Zakat, and who pays it after the prayer \' Id charity normal \" is \ even (Narrated by Abu Dawood and Ibn Majah and al-Hakim said, said that for authentic the criteria of Imam al-Bukhari).

Tithing should not be replaced by a nominal value of money (*),(*) \ "\" \ "According to the hadeeth of Abu Sa'eed Al Khudhri indicating that the Zakat is five types of nature are the main food (Convention \ 'alayhi). And the scientists Jumhur. In addition, say some scientists, the question is the staple food of each country. Tips to prevent contact with the charity money would be making this kind that, if the prophet of the price shallAllohu hlaihi was also present (silver), and where, of course, must pay zakat, the liberation of the value of these foods, but she did not. In the nature of love through the exchange rate are allowed Hanafi.

For it is not sallam in accordance with the teachings of the Prophet shallAllohu \ 'alayhi wa. It is permissible for the pilgrim (group) membeyikan ration of a person, that person must give people a large number of rations.
Tithing not know if the arm or his agent may be administered. Zakat is payable if the evening sunset Id '\. Those who died or got into trouble (not the remnants of themselves and their families, pen.) Before Sunset, it is not obliged to pay tithes. But as it was after sunset, he must (because he will not be paid regardless of the type of fees).