10 Reasons Why We Should Pray Diligently

  1. Reduce stress by various problems of life we ​​learn from those who caused lazy to pray, rather, it is easier to feel stress 
  2. Lower the level of emotion and anger of those who pray often in a better position in terms of emotions and anger of those who are ready to control anger and to pray without doubt emotionally stable  
  3. Reduce or eliminate the desperation of their perseverance in prayer have a better chance of not so easily discouraged when the bankruptcy of those who pray often, useless, by any 
  4. The increase in the hardness of their hearts more diligently prayed that it would be difficult, with events that are outside the desired lot in spite of the bitter events
  5. Increase the resistance of diseases caused by persistent mental disorders in prayer, some are physically in the last position, with all events in the light of God's life to be ready, so that the body will not be weakened rapidly due to the weight of thought and work 
  6. It makes people more vulnerable to the weaknesses and shortcomings of those who pray diligently and a more open attitude to others as it is in prayer will help to achieve the same weaknesses
  7. Increase the power of love to you and others, perseverance in prayer for someone to have an intimate relationship with God is the love of God, that those who pray diligently necessarily have the power, she and the other love. Those who succumb to drugs, the people who do not pray hard not to love and be able to love yourself
  8. Improve the ability to grow. A person who diligently develop the strength in his prayer life and the ability to use more force, because it always for the talents God gave me to understand what will be the development
  9. Doing good is not good for any person who prays diligently, will have the ability to change is not too good to be good are the people who are lazy to pray for good poor 
  10. Win salvation. Diligently pray someone the chance to become stronger and have a good relationship with God on earth will one day be living for ever the same

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