Embroidery In The City Of Bukittinggi ( Kerancang )

Embroidery Kerancang Bukittinggi is a typical sweets with subtle "hole" is formed of braided embroidery thread embroidery. Hole called Kerancang. Make Kerancang is a complex process and takes time. A embroidery manufacturers must consider the "pull" the thread in the fabric (base material). If the force of the tensioned wire, and the tissue around Kerancang will "shrink". If the resistance of the wire less tense, then the braid Kerancang is not "solid" and "meeting", but just as easily broke the tension is not the same embroidery.

In addition, by being a small Kerancang embroidery manufacturers take into account the size of the dust of the other, because Kerancang is Kerancang a process that one's point of no return ". Kerancang Interwoven is actually the interlaced son is bodir rotated as the base material to Kerancang board. If the substance is broken, it can not be recovered because the ingredients are woven into a braid each other's Kerancang separated (torn). Kerancang Kerancang this should also consider the size and location (path) of the embroidery as a whole . The slightest miscalculation on the line of embroidery is not compatible with the law, so that the embroidery "holes" is (Blade) are

Due to the complexity of subtle embroidery Kerancang so that it said a typical Bukittinggi, a colleague of Qatar, it was not only the embroidery stitch, but it is a work of art (art), you agree to bear not only but also for use as a home Deco.

Kerancang more subtle process is done by hand embroidery (100% pure manual labor). High error rate, because people have a weakness and fatigue, let alone have something to do, complicated and versatile little "small. For a flawless embroidery up to 75% three or more months. But the complexity of the production process and the length of time, the beauty of the product compared to the embroidery.

Due to the complexity of processing errors and time high, while demand for embroidery Kerancang high, then came the idea of ​​"instant Kerancang", ie to the point in a circle, rectangle or triangle, then the center of the circle was a soldering iron (soldering iron) stabbed. The results of this damn heat sealing holes in leaves, which will look Kerancang.
"instant Kerancang" production is easy, why not have things like a embroidery manufacturers Kerancang really consider. Just be embroidered onto the base material and a hot soldering products to its perforated. Mainly used embroidery machines maintain the process of creating instant Mukena Kerancang embroidered takes it one day. The sale price may be minimized because Kerancang Mukena this time, mass production, low level of difficulty and not Mukena be done by a person for a short time, especially with the help of computerized embroidery machine (computerized embroidery machine), a uniform in a very short time produce embroidered, live footage and cut the size of the hole Mukena welded.

Embroidery machine embroidery and embroidery with the use of computers can also produce products at low prices.

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