Fast Way To Church This Year

As Ramadan is the attitude of a Muslim was a feeling of joy awaited the arrival of Ramadan and the desired long-awaited. For this reason we welcome the arrival of Ramadan, Ramadan marhaban say yes. rhab marhaban word itself comes from a large and spacious, which means that the heart and soul and the chest of a Muslim to be expanded and in the spirit of Ramadan ease in private life.

When Ramadan comes and we are now that we have to determine the presence of Ramadan in devotion to God in the broadest sense, to improve optimization.

In harfiyah, fasting means to hold, ie, refrain from anything that can break the fast, and reduces the value from sunrise to sunset. During Ramadan is harfiyah means burning and grinding. The definition of sin is burning so fast that the best, the sins of a Muslim and God will be burned after Ramadan, God willing, I will return the nature and purity, the new-born, as a mother in a state of sin.

How to refine the focus and nurture the soul, so that whoever is quick mental sharpness that can take it faster, easier and more capable of the spiritual, his soul to get rich and is not dominated by the fixed nature Ilagi make arrogant and have other bad habits.


The main purpose of fasting is to establish the faith in Allah transformed, so that faith to faith. He said God in His word that means: O you who believe, fasting obligatory for you to be necessary for those before you who fear him (Sura 2:183).

If the purpose of fasting can be achieved, then it will soon make us three things. First, any kind of story songs wrong, because in the hadith of Bukhari, Muslim and Ahmad said that Allah is the fasting person does not abandon false speech to the hadith is acceptable: that leaves no one wrong word (lie) and evil to do God's will not accept his fasting, even if he had something to eat and drink.
Secondly, the strong spiritual power, then there is someone to get in the situation and to prevent themselves from sin, which means that the Prophet said means: Fasting is a shield against the fire of hell as a person in your midst in the war shield (Narrated by Ahmad, Nasa'i, Ibn Majah, Ibn Hibbaan).

Third, always encouraged to do good, for the worship of Ramadan is always good to get people to do good, to do God and others.

Moreover, if we read the next set of verses from the Koran II: 184-188, we can pray to draw some conclusions about the other goals of Ramadan, namely: First, our proximity to the Koran, to strengthen, so that we always try to read, understand and practice in daily life. Secondly, the strengthening of relations of proximity to Allah, so that a close relationship with a Muslim does not have the courage of the provisions of the third god differ recognize in recognition of the importance of praying to God that we realize how weak and urgently needs the help of God. Fourth, the improvement of the human heart or soul, which is always capable of distinguishing between truth and falsehood, and to differentiate susceptible. Fifth, the importance of solidarity with our Muslim brothers because fasting imagine the pain, you can the efforts that we must unite and help each other feel able to recognize.

Targets that have been expressed appear immediately, like the wisdom of religious Ramadan. But if we want to simplify, there are at least three lessons of Ramadan to pray. First, cleanse the heart and soul of all sins and sordid qualities. Secondly, strengthening the relationship with God, so that a Muslim with close ties to God, he will live always try ketentuasn through his life. Third, strengthening of relations with others, especially the Muslims, so the huge potential would be owned by a Muslim man of great power.

Especially the fast of Ramadan and the worship, of course, usually not the best we can, so that the objectives and the lessons that we can achieve. Therefore, it is important to maximize our joint service with the blessing of Ramadan for Muslims is religious passion filled for us to build families and communities.
In this regard, we are able to reach to find the different phases is achieved:

First, prepare thoroughly, both in the preparation of the soul in the availability of the spiritual worship of Ramadan to realize, until we look forward to this goal, the desire to prepare for the new series of fiqh of Ramadan to reach understanding and wisdom of Wisdom includes, as well as the physical preparation is always the conservation and improvement of public health measures to prepare and support the cult hit of Ramadan with a number of useful tasks, such as Ramadan Repentance boarding, lectures and dialogue on issues of Ramadan is a well-done , etc..

Secondly, the preparation that was with a time of worship for adults Ramadan launched, so we can rotate the fast race in as much as possible, both in terms of jurisprudence and moral values ​​in them and support their activities.

Thirdly, after the success of Ramadan with religious attitudes, behaviors, and develop a better Muslim Islam after the end of Ramadan, when the cult of Ramadan and the first to give a positive impact, not only for individuals but also families and communities.

Dramatically as part of the community and our nation, when viewed from different angles, Ramadan this year is a good time to initiate step to improve the Allah is pleased.

Finally, we have to welcome Ramadan with great joy, the joy of worship that this weight will be easy to medium term, no joy, the adoration of Ramadan, which is the actual weight is more difficult.

We hope that our own position by the Islamic religious month of Ramadan this year. Amin.