Give Love Without Expecting Anything This Commentary

We are working to be born with two eyes, then we will look at the front. And it is not the past.

We work with two ears, a left and right are born, so you can hear both sides and in both directions. Capturing the praise or criticism, and what is wrong and what's good to hear.

We work with a brain in your head are down, as we all born poor, we are still rich. Why? Since no one can steal the contents of our brains. What is worth more than all the gems out there.

We are born with two eyes, two ears but only one mouth. Because the mouth was a sharp weapon, which may defame, injure and even kill them. Yes, to speak better, but many heard and seen.

We are having a heart that reminds us, was born. In order to understand and give love from the bottom. Learn to love and enjoy love, but they have not even expect that the other way and what love is.

Give love without expecting anything in return, you'll find that life is to feel beautiful.