Malin Kundang, The Prodigal Son

Malin Kundang folklore, which is in the province of West Sumatra, Indonesia. Malin Kundang legend tells of a rebellious child and the mother of the stone, then cursed. One form of the rocks on the beach at Freshwater, Padang, said to be the remains of the ship Malin Kundang.

Malin Kundang a great guy, but a bad boy. Chickens often chase and beat him with a broom. One day, when Malin chicken continues, she tripped over a rock and injured his right arm hit by stones. The wound was engraved dilengannya and can not be lost.

Sorry for his mother who worked hard to climb to earn the living room. Malin decided to go to get rich after returning to my hometown one day.

First Woman Malin Kundang less agreed, recalling that her husband never came back after Malin Merantau, but insisted that Malin had finally went away voluntarily with a boat trip on the ship saudagar.Selama, Malin Kundang much to learn Navy experienced crew.
Suddenly on the way there was Malin Kundang ships attacked by pirates. All operators of goods on the ship hijacked by pirates. The majority of the crew were on board and killed by the pirates. Malin Kundang was lucky to avoid in a small narrow space between the wood, hidden killed by pirates.

Malin Kundang floating in the ocean, ran through the ship aground on a beach. Energy, Malin Kundang in the village closest to the coast. Malin village, a village where stranding is very fertile. With persistence and perseverance in the work of Malin was able gradually to make a rich man. It has a lot of merchant ships with the men of more than 100 people. After a rich, Malin Kundang marriage with a girl for a wife.

News Malin Kundang, which became rich and married the mother of Malin Kundang. Succeeded Mother Malin Kundang grateful and happy that his son was. Since then, the mother of Malin is to every day in the dock and wait for the child to return to his hometown.

After a long marriage, Malin and his wife left with a crew and a large number of bodyguards. Has seen evil mother, to see the arrival of the ship at the dock for two people on the deck. He believes that his son was with his wife, Malin Kundang.

Mother Malin Kundang on the ship. Once close enough scores, his mother saw people injured right dilengan, the more convinced his mother that he was approached Malin Kundang. "Malin Kundang, my son, because you go so long without sending messages?" He said, hugging Malin Kundang. But when he saw an elderly woman in torn and dirty embraced Malin Kundang was dressed angry when he knew that the old lady was his mother because she was embarrassed when he had by his wife and his men.

They are considered the mother of his son's treatment is very angry Malin Kundang. It is not expected to have a rebellious child. Enraged, assembly, Malin mother curses her, "Oh my God, my son, Cursing Stone."

Shortly after Malin Kundang new boat and so came to a violent storm destroys the ship Malin Kundang. After the body of Malin Kundang slow stiff and eventually form a rock. So far, Batu Malin Kundang still visible at a beach called The aia Manih Beach south of the city of Padang, West Sumatra.