Philosophy Prayer Five Times

What exactly is the meaning of the five daily prayers? Praying five times a day is actually a picture of the different conditions during the day differently. We go through five stages of the disease at the time lived Fitrat natural disasters, and we expect that to happen. First, if you have an image that we facing a catastrophe. For example, a subpoena for us before a judge. The first condition is the direct spread a feeling of calm and we shade. Conditions are similar to get quotes as the time when the sun begins to slip. In accordance with the terms ditetapkanlah keruhanian Zuhr prayer when the sun begins to slip.

We live and a half, when he reached a point where the catastrophe seemed to have happened. For example, after he was arrested by the quote, it's time for us before the court. In these moments, you hear the tumult of emotions and I think that has left us a sense of security. These conditions are comparable to the situation where the sun began to fade and people were able to look directly at the sun and realized that from the sun. In accordance with the terms of this ditetapkanlah keruhanian Asr prayer.

The third condition is a state where we feel lost all hope of saving the disaster. For example, after finding evidence of demand destruction that we, we have been accused of a crime an indictment prepared. In these moments we feel like to lose all your senses and start thinking like prisoners. These conditions are comparable to the time the sun goes down and we hope that the light of day he was gone. Diperintahkanlah Maghrib prayer in accordance with these terms keruhanian.

The fourth condition is when calamity struck us when the dark darkness enveloped us. For example, after reading the evidence we presented appear and was convicted and imprisoned. These conditions are similar circumstances in the darkness of night enveloped, when everything is dark. For these conditions, the evening prayer keruhanian ditetapkanlah.

After a period of darkness and suffering to save the overflow of God's mercy and us from darkness until dawn replaces the darkness of the night when the morning light began to appear. Fajr keruhanian for these conditions.
Based on these five conditions are constantly changing, the Almighty God for our five daily prayers. We can understand that prayer is the time for the good of our hearts. If we want the security of all disasters, we must never forget the five daily prayers, as a reflection of our inner state and is keruhanian. Prayer is the antidote for a disaster that could threaten them. You never know what circumstances caused by the next day. Therefore, ask before the start of the day, O God, our eternal now a source of profit and blessing for us.