Eyes and Computers

What is the effect on the eyes too long to see a computer screen? Computing devices are still used in every office, factory buildings, teaching and learning activities and are also now equipped with computers, so many people work on a computer screen all day.

To see clearly and berakomodasi, and our eyes adjust to move three external muscles of the eyeball. These three muscles is exactly what give the hard work while working for a computer in the pan. If you are too tired muscles - the muscles of the eyes will reduce the strength and the ability to fix his gaze would fall. One can not complain about headaches, vision problems permanently, so that wear glasses, or even the size of the losing / the increase of the glasses.

Here are some tips for eye strain and the work must be overcome before a screen.
  1.  Give you a break on a regular basis to also enjoy just close your eyes for a few minutes before your eyes tired. You should never rub your eyes, take frequent blinking. It can reduce stress and keep your eyes stay moist and fresh. If you are too old are to see a little further to get to look away. In order to do this for a few minutes every 30 minutes. 
  2. Notice the lighting in the workspace. Working in a room is too bright and dazzling. Use tends to adjust the light from the window. Put the spotlight. Do not look directly into the light. On the contrary, also works in a room too dark or too dark. Try to work, not enough light to keep agarmata area difficult. 
  3. With the monitor and filter glass to reduce glare radiation screen. Talk about getting your hardware supplier to a good filter and can be radiation, not only the faint light of the monitoring costs ipengaruh. Make sure the monitor is still working. If an image is always lower or discomfort, then it is time to repair or replace the computer screen. Good change the screen, instead of you worried that your eyes. Frequently monitor free from dust and dirt that interfere with the display.
  4. If you read the newspaper or a copy, and put the paperwork in equilibrium with the removal of the screen. In this way, it is not necessary to focus the display on your work switches to read the paper, after reading the screen.
  5. Set the monitor to an angle of 10-15 degrees from the straight line to reach to form your opinion. This is to avoid further, straining your eyes, hold your shoulders and neck is very good.
  6. If you need to change the cards before the computer, check the size or "police" the letters that you use big enough. Not to force the eyes to read small letters on the screen. Your eye is not a microscope, to write on the screen. Use the possibility to extend or change the image on the monitor. When you are finished editing and playback, then you can log back to its original position.

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